XMailbox_SetCallBack - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

This routine installs an asynchronous callback function for the given HandlerType.


s32 XMailbox_SetCallBack(XMailbox *InstancePtr, XMailbox_Handler HandlerType, void *CallBackFuncPtr, void *CallBackRefPtr);


The following table lists the XMailbox_SetCallBack function arguments.

Table 1. XMailbox_SetCallBack Arguments
Type Name Description
XMailbox * InstancePtr Pointer to the XMailbox instance.
XMailbox_Handler HandlerType Specifies which callback is to be attached.
Commented parameter CallBackFunc does not exist in function XMailbox_SetCallBack. CallBackFunc Address of the callback function.
Commented parameter CallBackRef does not exist in function XMailbox_SetCallBack. CallBackRef User data item that is passed to the callback function when it is invoked.


  • XST_SUCCESS when handler is installed.
  • XST_INVALID_PARAM when HandlerType is invalid.