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2021.1 English


#define Xil_EnableNestedInterrupts		__asm__ __volatile__ ("stmfd   sp!, {lr}"); \
		__asm__ __volatile__ ("mrs     lr, spsr");  \
		__asm__ __volatile__ ("stmfd   sp!, {lr}"); \
		__asm__ __volatile__ ("msr     cpsr_c, #0x1F"); \
		__asm__ __volatile__ ("stmfd   sp!, {lr}");


Enable nested interrupts by clearing the I and F bits in CPSR.

This API is defined for Cortex-A9 and Cortex-R5F.

Note: This macro is supposed to be used from interrupt handlers. In the interrupt handler the interrupts are disabled by default (I and F are 1). To allow nesting of interrupts, this macro should be used. It clears the I and F bits by changing the ARM mode to system mode. Once these bits are cleared and provided the preemption of interrupt conditions are met in the GIC, nesting of interrupts will start happening. Caution: This macro must be used with caution. Before calling this macro, the user must ensure that the source of the current IRQ is appropriately cleared. Otherwise, as soon as we clear the I and F bits, there can be an infinite loop of interrupts with an eventual crash (all the stack space getting consumed).