XPm_MmioWrite - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

Call this function to write a value directly into a register that isn't accessible directly, such as registers in the clock control unit. This call is bypassing the power management logic. The permitted addresses are subject to restrictions as defined in the PCW configuration.

Note: If the access isn't permitted this function returns an error code.


XStatus XPm_MmioWrite(const u32 address, const u32 mask, const u32 value);


The following table lists the XPm_MmioWrite function arguments.

Table 1. XPm_MmioWrite Arguments
Type Name Description
const u32 address Physical 32-bit address of memory mapped register to write to.
const u32 mask 32-bit value used to limit write to specific bits in the register.
const u32 value Value to write to the register bits specified by the mask.


XST_SUCCESS if successful else XST_FAILURE or an error code or a reason code