XilSKey_EfusePs_Write - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

PS eFUSE interface functions

This function is used to write to the PS eFUSE.

Note: When called, this Initializes the timer, XADC subsystems. Unlocks the PS eFUSE controller.Configures the PS eFUSE controller. Writes the hash and control bits if requested. Programs the PS eFUSE to enable the RSA authentication if requested. Locks the PS eFUSE controller. Returns an error, if the reference clock frequency is not in between 20 and 60 MHz or if the system not in a position to write the requested PS eFUSE bits (because the bits are already written or not allowed to write) or if the temperature and voltage are not within range


u32 XilSKey_EfusePs_Write(XilSKey_EPs *PsInstancePtr);


The following table lists the XilSKey_EfusePs_Write function arguments.

Table 1. XilSKey_EfusePs_Write Arguments
Type Name Description
Commented parameter InstancePtr does not exist in function XilSKey_EfusePs_Write. InstancePtr Pointer to the PsEfuseHandle which describes which PS eFUSE bit should be burned.


  • In case of error, value is as defined in xilskey_utils.h Error value is a combination of Upper 8 bit value and Lower 8 bit value. For example, 0x8A03 should be checked in error.h as 0x8A00 and 0x03. Upper 8 bit value signifies the major error and lower 8 bit values tells more precisely.