XilSKey_ZynqMp_EfusePs_UserFuses_TobeProgrammed - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

This function throws an error if user requests already programmed User FUSE bit to revert, and copies the bits to be programmed in particular row into provided UserFuses_TobePrgrmd pointer.

Note: If user requests a non-zero bit for making to zero throws an error which is not possible


INLINE u32 XilSKey_ZynqMp_EfusePs_UserFuses_TobeProgrammed(const u8 *UserFuses_Write, const u8 *UserFuses_Read, XilSKey_UsrFuses *UserFuses_ToBePrgrmd);


The following table lists the XilSKey_ZynqMp_EfusePs_UserFuses_TobeProgrammed function arguments.

Table 1. XilSKey_ZynqMp_EfusePs_UserFuses_TobeProgrammed Arguments
Type Name Description
const u8 * UserFuses_Write is a pointer to user requested programming bits of an User FUSE row.
const u8 * UserFuses_Read is a pointer to already programmed bits of User FUSE row on eFUSE.
XilSKey_UsrFuses * UserFuses_ToBePrgrmd holds User FUSE row bits which needs to be programmed actually.


  • XST_FAILURE: Returns error if user requests programmed bit to revert
  • XST_SUCCESS: If User requests valid bits.