XSecure_RsaInitialize - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

This function initializes a a XSecure_Rsa structure with the default values required for operating the RSA cryptographic engine.

Note: Modulus, ModExt and ModExpo are part of partition signature when authenticated boot image is generated by bootgen, else the all of them should be extracted from the key


int XSecure_RsaInitialize(XSecure_Rsa *InstancePtr, u8 *Mod, u8 *ModExt, u8 *ModExpo);


The following table lists the XSecure_RsaInitialize function arguments.

Table 1. XSecure_RsaInitialize Arguments
Name Description
InstancePtr - Pointer to the XSecure_Rsa instance
Mod - A character Pointer which contains the key Modulus of key size
ModExt - A Pointer to the pre-calculated exponential (R^2 Mod N) value
  • NULL - if user doesn't have pre-calculated R^2 Mod N value, control will take care of this calculation internally
ModExpo - Pointer to the buffer which contains key exponent


  • XST_SUCCESS - If initialization was successful
  • XSECURE_RSA_INVALID_PARAM - On invalid arguments