Xil_TestIO16 - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

Perform a destructive 16-bit wide register IO test.

Each location is tested by sequentially writing a 16-bit wide register, reading the register, and comparing value. This function tests three kinds of register IO functions, normal register IO, little-endian register IO, and big-endian register IO. When testing little/big-endian IO, the function performs the following sequence, Xil_Out16LE/Xil_Out16BE, Xil_In16, Compare In-Out values, Xil_Out16, Xil_In16LE/Xil_In16BE, Compare In-Out values. Whether to swap the read-in value before comparing is controlled by the 5th argument.


s32 Xil_TestIO16(u16 *Addr, s32 Length, u16 Value, s32 Kind, s32 Swap);


The following table lists the Xil_TestIO16 function arguments.

Table 1. Xil_TestIO16 Arguments
Name Description
Addr a pointer to the region of memory to be tested.
Length Length of the block.
Value constant used for writing the memory.
Kind Type of test. Acceptable values are: XIL_TESTIO_DEFAULT, XIL_TESTIO_LE, XIL_TESTIO_BE.
Swap indicates whether to byte swap the read-in value.


  • -1 is returned for a failure
  • 0 is returned for a pass