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2021.1 English


#define Xil_DisableNestedInterrupts		__asm__ __volatile__ ("ldmfd   sp!, {lr}");   \
		__asm__ __volatile__ ("msr     cpsr_c, #0x92"); \
		__asm__ __volatile__ ("ldmfd   sp!, {lr}"); \
		__asm__ __volatile__ ("msr     spsr_cxsf, lr"); \
		__asm__ __volatile__ ("ldmfd   sp!, {lr}"); \


Disable the nested interrupts by setting the I and F bits.

This API is defined for Cortex-A9 and Cortex-R5F.

Note: This macro is meant to be called in the interrupt service routines. This macro cannot be used independently. It can only be used when nesting of interrupts have been enabled by using the macro Xil_EnableNestedInterrupts() . In a typical flow, the user first calls the Xil_EnableNestedInterrupts in the ISR at the appropriate point. The user then must call this macro before exiting the interrupt service routine. This macro puts the ARM back in IRQ/FIQ mode and hence sets back the I and F bits.