XilSKey_ZynqMp_EfusePs_WriteAndVerify_RowRange - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

This function programs and verifys the row range provided with provided data.


INLINE u32 XilSKey_ZynqMp_EfusePs_WriteAndVerify_RowRange(const u8 *Data, u8 RowStart, u8 RowEnd, XskEfusePs_Type EfuseType);


The following table lists the XilSKey_ZynqMp_EfusePs_WriteAndVerify_RowRange function arguments.

Table 1. XilSKey_ZynqMp_EfusePs_WriteAndVerify_RowRange Arguments
Type Name Description
const u8 * Data is a pointer to an array which contains data to be programmed.
u8 RowStart holds the row number from which data programming has to be started.
u8 RowEnd holds the row number till which data programming has to be performed.
XskEfusePs_Type EfuseType holds the type of the efuse in which programming rows resides in.


XST_SUCCESS - On success XST_FAILURE - on Failure