XPm_InitSuspendCb - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

Callback function to be implemented in each PU, allowing the power management controller to request that the PU suspend itself.

Note: If the PU fails to act on this request the power management controller or the requesting PU may choose to employ the forceful power down option.


void XPm_InitSuspendCb(const enum XPmSuspendReason Reason, const u32 Latency, const u32 State, const u32 Timeout);


The following table lists the XPm_InitSuspendCb function arguments.

Table 1. XPm_InitSuspendCb Arguments
Type Name Description
const enum XPmSuspendReason Reason Suspend reason:
  • SUSPEND_REASON_PU_REQ : Request by another PU
  • SUSPEND_REASON_ALERT : Unrecoverable SysMon alert
  • SUSPEND_REASON_SHUTDOWN : System shutdown
  • SUSPEND_REASON_RESTART : System restart
const u32 Latency Maximum wake-up latency in us(micro secs). This information can be used by the PU to decide what level of context saving may be required.
const u32 State Targeted sleep/suspend state.
const u32 Timeout Timeout in ms, specifying how much time a PU has to initiate its suspend procedure before it's being considered unresponsive.