Unsupported Features - 2021.1 English

Xilinx Standalone Library Documentation OS and Libraries Document Collection (UG643)

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2021.1 English

The following features are not supported by the XilSEM library:

  • The XilSEM library does not operate on soft errors outside of Configuration RAM and NPI Registers. Soft error mitigation in other device resources, if necessary, based on design requirements, must be addressed at the user design level through measures such as redundancy or error detection and correction codes.
  • The XilSEM library initializes and manages the integrated silicon features for soft error mitigation and when included in a design, do not modify settings of associated features in the PMC.
  • Design simulations that include the XilSEM library are supported. However, it is not possible to observe the library and integrated silicon features in simulation. Hardware-based evaluation is required.
  • The XilSEM library is not currently specified for use under high irradiation, including but not limited to space or artificially generated environments. Therefore, Xilinx does not support or answer questions specific to the application of the XilSEM library in such environments.
  • Debug prints are not enabled in the XilSEM library. Whenever there is an uncorrectable error in either Configuration RAM or NPI Registers, you shall be notified via the optional IPI or GPO methods. It is recommended that you use these provided methods for error information.
  • The XilSEM library does not currently support the optional NPI Register scan feature with Tandem PCIe┬« or Tandem PROM boot flows.
  • The optional NPI Register scan feature is not currently supported for the Versal Prime XCVM1802 device.