XPm_RegisterNotifier - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

A PU can call this function to request that the power management controller call its notify callback whenever a qualifying event occurs. One can request to be notified for a specific or any event related to a specific node.

Note: The caller shall initialize the notifier object before invoking the XPm_RegisteredNotifier function. While notifier is registered, the notifier object shall not be modified by the caller.


int XPm_RegisterNotifier(XPm_Notifier *const Notifier);


The following table lists the XPm_RegisterNotifier function arguments.

Table 1. XPm_RegisterNotifier Arguments
Type Name Description
XPm_Notifier *const Notifier Pointer to the notifier object to be associated with the requested notification.


XST_SUCCESS if successful else XST_FAILURE or an error code or a reason code