XMailbox - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English
Holds the function pointers for the operations that can be performed.


typedef struct
  u32(* XMbox_IPI_Send)(struct XMboxTag *InstancePtr, u8 Is_Blocking),
  u32(* XMbox_IPI_SendData)(struct XMboxTag *InstancePtr, void *BufferPtr, u32 MsgLen, u8 BufferType, u8 Is_Blocking),
  u32(* XMbox_IPI_Recv)(struct XMboxTag *InstancePtr, void *BufferPtr, u32 MsgLen, u8 BufferType),
  XMailbox_RecvHandler RecvHandler,
  XMailbox_ErrorHandler ErrorHandler,
  void * ErrorRefPtr,
  void * RecvRefPtr,
  XMailbox_Agent Agent
} XMailbox;
Table 1. Structure XMailbox member description
Member Description
XMbox_IPI_Send Triggers an IPI to a destination CPU.
XMbox_IPI_SendData Sends an IPI message to a destination CPU.
XMbox_IPI_Recv Reads an IPI message.
RecvHandler Callback for rx IPI event.
ErrorHandler Callback for error event.
ErrorRefPtr To be passed to the error interrupt callback.
RecvRefPtr To be passed to the receive interrupt callback.
Agent Used to store IPI Channel information.