XSem_CmdNpiInjectError - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

This function is used to inject SHA error in NPI descriptor list (in the first NPI descriptor) from user application. Primarily this function sends an IPI request to PLM to invoke SEM NPI ErrorInject, waits for PLM to process the request and reads the response message.

Note: The caller shall invoke this XSem_CmdNpiInjectError function again to correct the injected error in NPI descriptor.


XStatus XSem_CmdNpiInjectError(XIpiPsu *IpiInst, XSemIpiResp *Resp);


The following table lists the XSem_CmdNpiInjectError function arguments.

Table 1. XSem_CmdNpiInjectError Arguments
Type Name Description
XIpiPsu * IpiInst Pointer to IPI driver instance
XSemIpiResp * Resp Structure Pointer of IPI response.
  • Resp->RespMsg1: Acknowledgment ID of NPI error injection
  • Resp->RespMsg2: Status of NPI error injection


This API returns the success or failure.
  • XST_FAILURE: On NPI error injection failure
  • XST_SUCCESS: On NPI error injection success