Arm Cortex-R5F Event Counters Functions - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

Cortex-R5F event counter functions can be utilized to configure and control the Cortex-R5F performance monitor events.

Cortex-R5F Performance Monitor has 3 event counters which can be used to count a variety of events described in Coretx-R5 TRM. The xpm_counter.h file defines configurations XPM_CNTRCFGx which can be used to program the event counters to count a set of events.

Table 1. Quick Function Reference
Type Name Arguments
void Xpm_SetEvents
  • s32 PmcrCfg
void Xpm_GetEventCounters
  • u32 * PmCtrValue
u32 Xpm_DisableEvent
  • EventCntrId
u32 Xpm_SetUpAnEvent
  • u32 EventID
u32 Xpm_GetEventCounter
  • EventCntrId
  • u32 * CntVal
void Xpm_DisableEventCounters
  • void
void Xpm_EnableEventCounters
  • void
void Xpm_ResetEventCounters
  • void
void Xpm_SleepPerfCounter
  • u32 delay
  • u64 frequency