XSecure_AesEncryptInit - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

This function is used to initialize the AES engine for encryption.

Note: If all of the data to be encrypted is available, the XSecure_AesEncryptData function can be used instead.


u32 XSecure_AesEncryptInit(XSecure_Aes *InstancePtr, u8 *EncData, u32 Size);


The following table lists the XSecure_AesEncryptInit function arguments.

Table 1. XSecure_AesEncryptInit Arguments
Name Description
InstancePtr Pointer to the XSecure_Aes instance.
EncData Pointer of a buffer in which encrypted data along with GCM TAG will be stored. Buffer size should be Size of data plus 16 bytes.
Size A 32 bit variable, which holds the size of the input data to be encrypted in bytes, whereas number of bytes provided should be multiples of 4.


Returns XST_SUCCESS if initialization was successful for encryption