PL310 L2 Event Counters Functions - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

xl2cc_counter.h contains APIs for configuring and controlling the event counters in PL310 L2 cache controller.

PL310 has two event counters which can be used to count variety of events like DRHIT, DRREQ, DWHIT, DWREQ, etc. xl2cc_counter.h contains definitions for different configurations which can be used for the event counters to count a set of events.

Table 1. Quick Function Reference
Type Name Arguments
void XL2cc_EventCtrInit
  • s32 Event0
  • s32 Event1
void XL2cc_EventCtrStart
  • void
void XL2cc_EventCtrStop
  • u32 * EveCtr0
  • u32 * EveCtr1