XilSKey_EfusePl_ReadKey - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

Reads the PL efuse keys and stores them in the corresponding arrays in instance structure.

Note: This function initializes the timer, XADC and JTAG server subsystems, if not already done so. In Zynq - Reads AES key and User keys. In Ultrascale - Reads 32 bit and 128 bit User keys and RSA hash But AES key cannot be read directly it can be verified with CRC check (for that we need to update the instance with 32 bit CRC value, API updates whether provided CRC value is matched with actuals or not). To calculate the CRC of expected AES key one can use any of the following APIs XilSKey_CrcCalculation() or XilSkey_CrcCalculation_AesKey()


u32 XilSKey_EfusePl_ReadKey(XilSKey_EPl *InstancePtr);


The following table lists the XilSKey_EfusePl_ReadKey function arguments.

Table 1. XilSKey_EfusePl_ReadKey Arguments
Type Name Description
XilSKey_EPl * InstancePtr Pointer to PL eFUSE instance.