BOARD Support Package Settings - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

There are few configurable parameters available under bsp settings, which can be configured during compilation of board support package.

Configurations For Adding New device

The below configurations helps in adding new device information not supported by default. Currently, MicroBlaze, Zynq UltraScale and Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC devices are supported.
Parameter Name Description
device_id Mention the device ID
device_irlen Mention IR length of the device. Default is 0
device_numslr Mention number of SLRs available. Range of values can be 1 to 4. Default is 1. If no slaves are present and only one master SLR is available then only 1 number of SLR is available.
device_series Select the device series. Default is FPGA SERIES ZYNQ. The following device series are supported:XSK_FPGA_SERIES_ZYNQ - Select if the device belongs to the Zynq-7000 family. XSK_FPGA_SERIES_ULTRA - Select if the device belongs to the Zynq UltraScale family. XSK_FPGA_SERIES_ULTRA_PLUS - Select if the device belongs to Zynq UltraScale MPSoC family.
device_masterslr Mention the master SLR number. Default is 0.

Configurations For Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC devices

Parameter Name Description
override_sysmon_cfg Default = TRUE, library configures sysmon before accessing efuse memory. If you are using the Sysmon library and XilSkey library together, XilSkey overwrites the user defined sysmon configuration by default. When override_sysmon_cfg is set to false, XilSkey expects you to configure the sysmon to read the 3 ADC channels - Supply 1 (VPINT), Supply 3 (VPAUX) and LPD Temperature. XilSkey validates the user defined sysmon configuration is correct before performing the eFuse operations.
.. note:: On Ultrascale and Ultrascale plus devices there can be multiple or single SLRs and among which one can be master and the others are slaves, where SLR 0 is not always the master SLR. Based on master and slave SLR order SLRs in this library are referred with config order index. Master SLR is mentioned with CONFIG ORDER 0, then follows the slaves config order, CONFIG ORDER 1,2 and 3 are for slaves in order. Due to the added support for the SSIT devices, it is recommended to use the updated library with updated examples only for the UltraScale and the UltraScale+ devices.