XSem_CmdCfrNjctErr - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

This function is used to inject an error at a valid location in CRAM from user application. Primarily this function sends an IPI request to PLM to perform error injection in CRAM with user provided arguments in *ErrDetail, waits for PLM to process the request and reads the response message.


XStatus XSem_CmdCfrNjctErr(XIpiPsu *IpiInst, XSemCfrErrInjData *ErrDetail, XSemIpiResp *Resp);


The following table lists the XSem_CmdCfrNjctErr function arguments.

Table 1. XSem_CmdCfrNjctErr Arguments
Type Name Description
XIpiPsu * IpiInst Pointer to IPI driver instance
XSemCfrErrInjData * ErrDetail Structure Pointer with Error Injection details
XSemIpiResp * Resp Structure Pointer of IPI response.
  • Resp->RespMsg1: Acknowledgment ID of CRAM error injection
  • Resp->RespMsg2: Status of CRAM error injection


This API returns the success or failure.
  • XST_FAILURE: On CRAM error injection failure
  • XST_SUCCESS: On CRAM error injection success