XSecure_RsaSignVerification - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

This function verifies the RSA decrypted data provided is either matching with the provided expected hash by taking care of PKCS padding.


int XSecure_RsaSignVerification(const u8 *Signature, const u8 *Hash, u32 HashLen);


The following table lists the XSecure_RsaSignVerification function arguments.

Table 1. XSecure_RsaSignVerification Arguments
Name Description
Signature - Pointer to the buffer which holds the decrypted RSA signature
Hash - Pointer to the buffer which has the hash calculated on the data to be authenticated
HashLen - Length of Hash used
  • For SHA3 it should be 48 bytes


  • XST_SUCCESS - If decryption was successful
  • XSECURE_RSA_INVALID_PARAM - On invalid arguments
  • XST_FAILURE - In case of mismatch