Xil_SetTlbAttributes - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

It sets the memory attributes for a section, in the translation table.

If the address (defined by Addr) is less than 4GB, the memory attribute(attrib) is set for a section of 2MB memory. If the address (defined by Addr) is greater than 4GB, the memory attribute (attrib) is set for a section of 1GB memory.

Note: The MMU and D-cache need not be disabled before changing an translation table attribute.


void Xil_SetTlbAttributes(UINTPTR Addr, u64 attrib);


The following table lists the Xil_SetTlbAttributes function arguments.

Table 1. Xil_SetTlbAttributes Arguments
Name Description
Addr 64-bit address for which attributes are to be set.
attrib Attribute for the specified memory region. xil_mmu.h contains commonly used memory attributes definitions which can be utilized for this function.