XPm_RequestWakeUp - 2021.1 English

Xilinx Standalone Library Documentation OS and Libraries Document Collection (UG643)

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2021.1 English

This function can be used to request power up of a CPU node within the same PU, or to power up another PU.


XStatus XPm_RequestWakeUp(const u32 TargetDevId, const u8 SetAddress, const u64 Address, const u32 Ack);


The following table lists the XPm_RequestWakeUp function arguments.

Table 1. XPm_RequestWakeUp Arguments
Type Name Description
const u32 TargetDevId Device ID of the CPU or PU to be powered/woken up.
const u8 SetAddress Specifies whether the start address argument is being passed.
  • 0 : do not set start address
  • 1 : set start address
const u64 Address Address from which to resume when woken up. Will only be used if set_address is 1.
const u32 Ack Requested acknowledge type


XST_SUCCESS if successful else XST_FAILURE or an error code or a reason code