Zynq User-Configurable PS eFUSE Parameters - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

Define the XSK_EFUSEPS_DRIVER macro to use the PS eFUSE. After defining the macro, provide the inputs defined with XSK_EFUSEPS_DRIVER to burn the bits in PS eFUSE. If the bit is to be burned, define the macro as TRUE; otherwise define the macro as FALSE. For details, refer the following table.

Macro Name Description

TRUE to burn the write-protect bits in eFUSE array. Write protect has two bits. When either of the bits is burned, it is considered write-protected. So, while burning the write-protected bits, even if one bit is blown, write API returns success. As previously mentioned, POR reset is required after burning for write protection of the eFUSE bits to go into effect. It is recommended to do the POR reset after write protection. Also note that, after write-protect bits are burned, no more eFUSE writes are possible.

If the write-protect macro is TRUE with other macros, write protect is burned in the last iteration, after burning all the defined values, so that for any error while burning other macros will not effect the total eFUSE array.

FALSE does not modify the write-protect bits.

Use TRUE to burn the RSA enable bit in the PS eFUSE array. After enabling the bit, every successive boot must be RSA-enabled apart from JTAG. Before burning (blowing) this bit, make sure that eFUSE array has the valid PPK hash. If the PPK hash burning is enabled, only after writing the hash successfully, RSA enable bit will be blown. For the RSA enable bit to take effect, POR reset is required. FALSE does not modify the RSA enable bit.

TRUE burns the ROM 128K CRC bit. In every successive boot, BootROM calculates 128k CRC. FALSE does not modify the ROM CRC 128K bit.

TRUE burns (blows) the eFUSE hash, that is given in XSK_EFUSEPS_RSA_KEY_HASH_VALUE when write API is used. TRUE reads the eFUSE hash when the read API is used and is read into structure. FALSE ignores the provided value.

The specified value is converted to a hexadecimal buffer and written into the PS eFUSE array when the write API is used. This value should be the Primary Public Key (PPK) hash provided in string format. The buffer must be 64 characters long: valid characters are 0-9, a-f, and A-F. Any other character is considered an invalid string and will not burn RSA hash. When the Xilskey_EfusePs_Write() API is used, the RSA hash is written, and the XSK_EFUSEPS_ENABLE_RSA_KEY_HASH must have a value of TRUE.

TRUE disables DFT JTAG permanently. FALSE will not modify the eFuse PS DFT JTAG disable bit.

TRUE disables DFT mode permanently. FALSE will not modify the eFuse PS DFT mode disable bit.