Feature Summary - 3.1 English

UltraScale+ Devices Integrated 100G Ethernet Subsystem Product Guide (PG203)

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3.1 English

The following is a summary of the core features:

IEEE 1588-2008 [Ref 1] one-step and two-step hardware timestamping with transparent clock and ordinary clock support

Optional Transmit side OTN interface implemented in the fabric logic

Dynamic and static deskew support

20 PCS lanes (PCSLs) for the 100G Ethernet IP core

GTY, GTH, or GTM transceivers used for UltraScale+ devices

PCS Lane marker framing and de-framing including reordering of each PCS lane

Link status and alignment monitoring reporting

64B/66B decoding and encoding as defined in IEEE std 802.3-2012 Clause 82 [Ref 2]

Scrambling and descrambling using x58 + x39 + 1 polynomial

Inter-Packet gap (IPG) insertion and deletion as required by IEEE std 802.3-2012 Clause 82 [Ref 2]

Optional frame check sequence (FCS) calculation and addition in the transmit direction

Programmable inter-packet gap

Support for custom preambles

FCS checking and optional FCS removal in the receive direction

Support for 802.3x and priority-based pause operation

DRP interface for dynamic reconfiguration of the core

Detailed statistics gathering

°Total bytes

°Total packets

°Good bytes

°Good packets

°Unicast packets

°Multicast packets

°Broadcast packets

°Pause packets

°Virtual local area network (VLAN) tagged packets

°64B/66B code violations

°Bad preambles

°Bad FCS

°Packet histogram for varied packet sizes