Parameter Changes - 2.2 English

Video PHY Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG230)

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2.2 English
Table 1. Video PHY Controller Changes
V2.0 V2.1 V2.2 Note
Transceiver Width No Change Changed In v2.2, this option is not configurable for HDMI.
Tx/Rx Max GT Line Rates Changed No Change In v2.1, Display Port supports 8.1 Gbps in GTHE3 and GTHE4.
Tx Channels No Change Changed In v2.2, the HDMI channel number used is 4 when the GT channel is enabled for the Tx TMDS clock.
Not Applicable TX REFCLK Ready Active No Change New option in v2.1.
Not Applicable Not Applicable Use fourth GT Channel as TX TMDS Clock New option in v2.2.
Advanced Clock Mode Changed No Change In v2.1, this option is available for HDMI.
  1. Not Applicable: GUI option is not available in this version.
  2. Changed: GUI changes in this version (Refer to Note).
  3. No Change: GUI option remain as in the previous version.
  4. GUI option names are in bold. See Customizing and Generating the Core for feature details.