DisplayPort Transmit - Status Path - 2.2 English

Video PHY Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG230)

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2.2 English

The following status is transferred to the Link layer. The status bits are driven using the AXI4-Lite clock.

Table 1. DisplayPort Transmit Status Sideband Definition
Bit Position Status Details
0 Bank 0, GT Channel 0, TX Reset Done
1 Based on TXSYSCLKSEL[0], CPLL Channel 0/QPLL Lock is transferred
2 Bank 1, GT Channel 1, TX Reset Done
3 Based on TXSYSCLKSEL[0], CPLL Channel 1/QPLL Lock is transferred
4 Bank 0, GT Channel 2, TX Reset Done
5 Based on TXSYSCLKSEL[2], CPLL Channel 2/QPLL Lock is transferred
6 Bank 0, GT Channel 3, TX Reset Done
7 Based on TXSYSCLKSEL[3], CPLL Channel 3/QPLL Lock is transferred