SRIOV Config Tab - 1.0 English

Versal ACAP DMA and Bridge Subsystem for PCI Express Product Guide (PG344)

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1.0 English

The SRIOV Config tab allows you to specify the SR-IOV capability for a physical function (PF). The information is used to construct the SR-IOV capability structure. Virtual functions do not exist on power-on. It is the function of the system software to discover and enable VFs based on system capability. The VF support is discovered by scanning the SR-IOV capability structure for each PF.

Note: When SRIOV Capability is selected in Capabilities Tab, the SRIOV Config tab appears.

The SRIOV Config Tab is shown in the following figure.

Figure 1. SRIOV Config Tab
General SRIOV Config
This value specifies the offset of the first PF with at least one enabled VF. When ARI is enabled, allowed value is 'd4 or 'd64, and the total number of VF in all PFs plus this field must not be greater than 256. When ARI is disabled, this field will be set to 1 to support 1PFplus 7VF non-ARI SRIOV configurations only.
Number of PFx VFs
Indicates the number of virtual functions associated to the physical function. A total of 252 virtual functions are available that can be flexibly used across the four physical functions.
VF Device ID
Indicates the 16-bit Device ID for all virtual functions associated with the physical function.