XVC-over-PCIe Through AXI (AXI-XVC) - 3.0 English

AXI Bridge for PCI Express Gen3 Subsystem Product Guide (PG194)

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3.0 English

Using the AXI-XVC approach, the Debug Bridge IP connects to the PCIe IP through an AXI Interconnect IP. The Debug Bridge IP connects to the AXI Interconnect like other AXI4-Lite Slave IPs and similarly requires that a specific address range be assigned to it. Traditionally the debug_bridge IP in this configuration is connected to the control path network rather than the system datapath network. The following figure describes the connectivity between the DMA Subsystem for PCIe IP and the Debug Bridge IP for this implementation.

Figure 1. XVC over PCIe with AXI4-Lite Interface
Note: Although the previous figure shows the PCIe DMA IP, any AXI-enabled PCIe IP can be used interchangeably in this diagram.

The AXI-XVC implementation allows for higher speed transactions. However, XVC debug traffic passes through the same PCIe ports and interconnect as other PCIe control path traffic, making it more difficult to debug transactions along this path. As result the AXI-XVC debug should be used to debug a specific peripheral or a different AXI network rather than attempting to debug datapaths that overlap with the AXI-XVC debug communication path.