XVC Driver and Software - 3.0 English

AXI Bridge for PCI Express Gen3 Subsystem Product Guide (PG194)

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3.0 English

Example XVC driver and software has been provided with the Vivado Design Suite installation, which is available at the following location: <Vivado_Installation_Path>/data/xicom/driver/pcie/xvc_pcie.zip. This should be used for reference when integrating the XVC capability into AMD FPGA platform design drivers and software. The provided Linux kernel mode driver and software implement XVC-over-PCIe debug for both PCIe-XVC-VSEC and AXI-XVC debug bridge implementations.

When operating in PCIe-XVC-VSEC mode, the driver will initiate PCIe configuration transactions to interface with the FPGA debug network. When operating in AXI-XVC mode, the driver will initiate 32-bit PCIe Memory BAR transactions to interface with the FPGA debug network. By default, the driver will attempt to discover the PCIe-XVC-VSEC and use AXI-XVC if the PCIe-XVC-VSEC is not found in the PCIe configuration extended capability linked list.

The driver is provided in the data directory of the Vivado installation as a .zip file. This .zip file should be copied to the Host PC connected through PCIe to the AMD FPGA and extracted for use. README.txt files have been included; review these files for instructions on installing and running the XVC drivers and software.