PCIe Ext Capability Header - 3.0 English

AXI Bridge for PCI Express Gen3 Subsystem Product Guide (PG194)

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3.0 English

This register is used to identify the PCIe-XVC-VSEC added to a PCIe design. The fields and values in the PCIe Ext Capability Header are defined by PCI-SIG and are used to identify the format of the extended capability and provide a pointer to the next extended capability, if applicable. When used as a PCIe-XVC-VSEC, the appropriate PCIe ID fields should be evaluated prior to interpretation. These can include PCIe Vendor ID, PCIe Device ID, PCIe Revision ID, Subsystem Vendor ID, and Subsystem ID. The provided drivers specifically check for a PCIe Vendor ID that matches AMD (0x10EE) before interpreting this register. The following table describes the fields within this register.

Table 1. PCIe Ext Capability Header Register Description
Bit Location Field Description Initial Value Type
15:0 PCIe Extended Capability ID This field is a PCI-SIG defined ID number that indicates the nature and format of the Extended Capability. The Extended Capability ID for a VSEC is 0x000B 0x000B Read Only
19:16 Capability Version This field is a PCI-SIG defined version number that indicates the version of the capability structure present. Must be 0x1 for this version of the specification. 0x1 Read Only
31:20 Next Capability Offset This field is passed in from the user and contains the offset to the next PCI Express Capability structure or 0x000 if no other items exist in the linked list of capabilities. For Extended Capabilities implemented in the PCIe extended configuration space, this value must always be within the valid range of the PCIe Extended Configuration space. 0x000 Read Only