Debug Register Access Control Register (DBG_CTRL) - 3.2 English

MicroBlaze Debug Module LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG115)

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3.2 English

The control register is used to set up the debug register access by selecting the register bit size, register address (MDM command), whether an MDM or MicroBlazeâ„¢ register is accessed, and access locking. This is a write-only register. Issuing a read request to the control register generates the read acknowledgment with zero data. Writing to the register has no effect until unlocked using the DBG_LOCK register. Bit assignment in the register is described in the following tables. The register is only implemented if C_DBG_REG_ACCESS is set to 1.

Table 1. Debug Register Access Control Register (DBG_CTRL)
Reserved DBG_CTRL
31 20 19 0
Table 2. Debug Register Access Control Register Bit Definitions
Bits Name Access Reset Value Description
31-20 Reserved N/A 0 Reserved
19-18 Access Lock Type W 00

Access lock type write:

00 = Release access lock to abort atomic sequence

01 = Lock before first data access and unlock after last

10 = Lock before first data access, otherwise keep lock

11 = Force lock acquisition, even if acquired by JTAG

17 Access MDM W 0

Access MDM or MicroBlaze Debug register:

0 = MicroBlaze debug register access

1 = MDM debug register access

16-9 MDM Command W 0 MDM command, see table: MDM Core User-Accessible Debug Registers.
8-0 Bit Size W 0 Number of bits in the accessed debug register - 1