Core Configuration Register - 2.3 English

MIPI DSI Transmitter Subsystem LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG238)

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2.3 English

Allows you to configure core for enabling/disabling the core and soft during operation.

Table 1. Core Configuration Register (0x00)
Bits Name Reset Value Access Description
31:6 Reserved NA NA Reserved
5 Command FIFO Reset 0x0 WO

Write 1 to reset the Command FIFO. It is a self-

clearing register. Reading this bit will only return 0.

4 Data FIFO Reset 0x0 WO Write 1 to reset the Data FIFO. It is a self-clearing register. Reading this bit will only return 0.
3 Command Mode 0x0 R/W

0: Video mode

1: Command mode

2 Controller ready 0x0 R

Controller is ready for processing.

During core disable, you can rely on this status that the core stopped all its activity. Controller ready also depends on init_done from DPHY. Only when init_done is 1, Controller ready can be 1.

0: Controller is not ready

1: Controller is ready. Enable the Controller Core (Bit 0 of 0x00) when the controller is ready.

1 Soft Reset 0x0 R/W

Soft reset to core. Writing 1 to this bit resets the ISR bits ONLY. Writing 0 takes the core out of soft reset.

Once the soft reset is released, the core starts capturing new status information to ISR.

0 Core Enable 0x0 R/W

Enable/Disable the core

0: Stop generating packets 1: Start generating packets

Controller ends the current transfer by resetting all internal FIFOs and registers.

Once enabled, the controller starts from the VSS packet (that is a new video frame).