Timing Register-1 - 2.3 English

MIPI DSI Transmitter Subsystem LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG238)

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2.3 English

During burst mode of operation, due to time compression of video data, there is BLLP duration available during the active region of horizontal lines. This value of BLLP Burst mode must be programmed when operating in burst mode.

Important: The controller must be programmed with required timing values for video data transfer. For sample examples, refer to Example Timing Register Calculations.
Table 1. Timing Register-1 (0x50)
Bits Name Reset Value Access Description
31:16 HSA 0x0 R/W Horizontal Sync active width blanking packet payload size in bytes (WC) 1
15:0 BLLP Burst Mode 0x0 R/W BLLP duration of VACT region packet payload size in bytes (WC). Applicable only Burst mode
  1. The values of HSA, HBP, and HFP must be greater than four bytes. The core functionality is not guaranteed otherwise.