Protocol Configuration Register - 2.3 English

MIPI DSI Transmitter Subsystem LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG238)

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2.3 English

Allows you to configure protocol-specific options such as the number of lanes to be used.

Table 1. Protocol Configuration Register (0x04)
Bits Name Reset Value Access Description
31:14 Reserved NA NA Reserved
13 EoTp 0x1 R/W

0: Disable EoTp Generation.

1: Enable EoTp Generation.

12:7 Pixel Format 0x3E R

Data type for pixel format. The data type of pixel format is selected through the GUI.

0x0E – Packed RGB565 0x1E- packed RGB666

0x2E – Loosely packed RGB666 0x3E- Packed RGB888

0x0B- Compressed Pixel Stream

Note: The default data type selected in the GUI is RGB888. Hence, the default value of the register is mentioned as 0x3E. It varies with the datatype selected in the GUI.

6 BLLP Mode 0x0 R/W

BLLP selection

0: Send blanking packets during BLLP periods 1: Use LP mode for BLLP periods in Vertical blanking. It is not generated for Horizontal blanking.

5 Blanking packet type 0x0 R/W

Blanking packet type for BLLP region 0: Blanking packet(0x19)

1: Null packet(0x09)

4:3 Video Mode 0x0 R/W

Video mode transmission sequence

0x0- Non-burst mode with sync pulses 0x1 – Non-burst mode with Sync Events

0x2- Burst mode

2 Reserved NA   Reserved for future lane extension support.
1:0 Active Lanes Configured Lanes during core generation R

Configured lanes in the core 0x0 - 1 Lane

0x1 - 2 Lanes 0x2 - 3 Lanes

0x3 - 4 Lanes