Command Queue Packet - 2.3 English

MIPI DSI Transmitter Subsystem LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG238)

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2.3 English
Table 1. Command Queue Packet (0x30)
Bits Name Reset Value Access Description
31:24 Reserved NA NA Reserved
23:16 Data-1 0x0 R/W Data byte 1 of short packet. 1

Ignored in case of long packets.

15:8 Data 0/ WC 0x0 R/W

Data byte 0 of short packet(1).

WC in case of Long packet data type. Supports a maximum WC of 251.

7:6 VC 0x0 R/W VC value of command packet.
5:0 Data type 0x0 R/W Long/short packet data type.
  1. The controller passes the payload content as-is and no checks are performed over the payload content. For example, the second byte of Generic Short WRITE with 1 parameter must be 0x00.

The following table describes the short packet data types that are supported. Command queue writes with any other data type value is ignored and indicated as Unsupported Data type in ISR.

Table 2. Command Queue Packet Data Types
Data Type Description
0x07 Compression Mode Command
0x02 Color Mode (CM) Off Command
0x12 Color Mode (CM) On Command
0x22 Shut Down Peripheral Command
0x32 Turn On Peripheral Command
0x03 Generic Short WRITE, no parameters
0x13 Generic Short WRITE, 1 parameter
0x23 Generic Short WRITE, 2 parameters
0x05 DCS Short WRITE, no parameters
0x15 DCS Short WRITE, 1 parameter
0x16 Execute Queue 1
0x37 Set Maximum Return Packet Size
  1. After the execute command is detected by the core, no further command queue packets are sent until a VSS and a frame end is seen as described in the DSI specification (Sec 8.7.2).