Vivado ECO Flow - 2024.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Implementation (UG904)

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2024.1 English
Important: ECOs only work on design checkpoints. The ECO Layout is only available after a design checkpoint has been opened in the Vivado IDE.

Engineering change orders (ECOs) are modifications to the post implementation netlist with the intent to implement the changes with minimal impact to the original design. Vivado provides an ECO flow, which allows you to modify a design checkpoint, implement the changes, run reports on the changed netlist, and generate programming files.

Common use cases for the ECO flow are:

  • Modifying debug probes of ILA and/or VIO cores in the design.
  • Routing an internal net to a package pin for external probing.
  • Evaluating what-if scenarios (improving timing, fixing logic bugs, and so on).

The advantage of the ECO flow is fast turn-around time by taking advantage of the incremental place and route features of the Vivado tool.

The Vivado IDE provides a predefined layout to support the ECO flow. To access the ECO Layout, select Layout > ECO.

ECO Navigator

The ECO Navigator provides access to the commands that are required to complete an ECO.

Scratch Pad

The scratch pad tracks netlist changes and place and route status for Cells, Pins, Ports, and Nets.

Figure 1. Vivado ECO Layout