Modifying Logic - 2024.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Implementation (UG904)

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2024.1 English
Properties on logical objects that are not Read Only can be modified after Implementation in the Vivado IDE as well as Tcl.
Note: For more information about Tcl commands, see the Vivado Design Suite Tcl Command Reference Guide (UG835), or type <command> -help.

To modify a property on an object in Device window:

  1. Select the object.
  2. Modify the property value of the object in the Properties view of the Properties window.

    These properties can include everything from block RAM INITs to the clock modifying properties on MMCMs. There is also a special dialog box to set or modify INIT on LUT objects. This dialog box allows you to specify the LUT equation and have the tools determine the appropriate INIT.