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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Implementation (UG904)

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2024.1 English

The following options are available when using the read_checkpoint -incremental command.

-auto_incremental Option

This enables the automatic incremental flow described in Automatic Incremental.

-fix_objects Option

-fix_objects <cell objects>

The -fix_objects option can be used to lock a subset of cells. These cells are not touched by the incremental place and route tools. The -fix_objects option only works on cells that match and are identified for cell reuse.


The following are examples of the -fix_objects usage:

  • To reuse all objects and fix only Block Memory placement:
    read_checkpoint -incremental routed.dcp -fix_objects [all_rams]
  • To reuse all objects and fix only DSP placement:
    read_checkpoint -incremental routed.dcp -fix_objects [all_dsps]

-force_incr Option

The -force_incr option can be used to force the incremental implementation flow irrespective of the incremental criteria checks. When not specified the incremental implementation flow might exit and continue in non-incremental or default flow.

This option can be used instead of modifying the incremental implementation configurations values to update the minimum thresholds for cell matching, net matching, and WNS in the automatic incremental flow.

Note: -force_incr is only used along with the -incremental switch.