UHD-SDI Audio Extract Use Case - 2.0 English

SMPTE UHD-SDI RX Subsystem (PG290)

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2.0 English

The SMPTE UHD-SDI RX Subsystem provides ANC I/F controlled by “Enable ANC Data (Incl. Audio) Extraction I/F” parameter in Vivado XGUI and can be used to extract the SDI audio from the SDI video stream. This section provides overview of extracting SDI audio from native SDI stream(s) using AMD UHD-SDI Audio IP core. For more information, see the UHD-SDI Audio LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG309) [Ref 17] . The following figure shows the UHD-SDI Audio Extract use case.

Figure 3-1: SMPTE UHD-SDI Audio Extract Use Case

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The AMD UHD SDI Audio IP core is configurable as an audio embedder or an audio extractor. When configured as an audio extractor, it can extract up to 32 channels (16 channel pairs) of synchronous or asynchronous audio from the SDI stream.

It is designed in accordance with SMPTE ST 272 for SD-SDI and SMPTE ST 299 for HD SDI/3G-SDI/6G-SDI/12G-SDI to extract audio. It supports audio extraction at multiple audio sample rates (32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, and 48 kHz).