XVidC_VideoStream - 2.0 English

SMPTE UHD-SDI RX Subsystem (PG290)

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2.0 English

This contains information about the video stream. This is filled up from SDI payload and sdi video transport layer data.

Each member description is given as comment for that member.

typedef struct {

XVidC_ColorFormat           ColorFormatId;   /* The received color format */

XVidC_ColorDepth             ColorDepth;        /* The received color/bit depth */

XVidC_PixelsPerClock       PixPerClk;             /* Pixels per clock */

XVidC_FrameRate              FrameRate;          /* Frame rate of the video stream*/

XVidC_AspectRatio            AspectRatio;        /* Aspect ratio of the frame */

u8                                          IsInterlaced;        /* If the stream is interlaced or not */

u8                                          Is3D;                      /* NA for SDI */

XVidC_3DInfo                      Info_3D;               /* NA for SDI */

XVidC_VideoMode             VmId;                    /* Video mode ID */

XVidC_VideoTiming            Timing;                  /* Video timings of the VmId */

XVidC_Eotf                           Eotf;                      /* Electro Optical Transfer Function */

XVidC_ColorStd                  ColorStd;              /* Color space conversion standard */

XVidC_FrameRate             BaseFrameRate; /* NA for SDI */

XVidC_VideoTiming            BaseTiming;        /* NA for SDI */

} XVidC_VideoStream;