Start with the XAPP1320 Isolation Reference Design

Memory and Peripheral Protection Unit for PL Isolation in Zynq UltraScale+ Devices (XAPP1353)

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Isolation Reference Design

The next section provides a step-by-step instruction to manually add the zupl_xmpu reference core to isolation reference design. Reconstruct the reference design from Isolation Methods in Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs (XAPP1320).

An automated script is provided to build the design. If you wish to review the procedures for creating an isolated design, refer to Isolation Methods in Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs (XAPP1320).

Following are the steps to build the isolation reference design:

  1. Unzip the zupl_xmpu archive: zupl_xmpu_v1_0[revision].zip.
    1. If running on Linux: Browse to the ./zupl_xmpu_v1_0/example_designs/xapp1320_isolation directory and run Vivado.
    2. If running Vivado on Windows, use the Tcl Console to navigate to the zupl_xmpu_v1_0/example_designs/xapp1320_isolation directory:
  2. Run the example_design.tcl script:
    source ./example_design.tcl

    When the IP Integrator Block Design is complete, it looks like the following figure.

    Figure 1. Isolation Example Block Design
  3. Right-click zynq_ultra_ps_e_0 and select Customize Block....
    Figure 2. Customize Zynq_Ultra_PS
  4. Click Switch to Advanced Mode, then click Isolation Configuration, and you can see that the isolation parameters as described in Isolation Methods in Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs (XAPP1320) have been implemented. The following figure shows a sample of the settings.
    Figure 3. Isolation Configuration Parameters
    1. Click Cancel to close the customization window.
  5. Save the project to a new name before making modifications.
    1. File-> Project->Save As
    2. Fill in the required information as shown in the following figure:
      1. Project name: pl_isolation_lab
      2. Project Location: <your_path>/XmpuPL_ZUplus_v1.0a/zcu102_<version>/xmpu_example
        Figure 4. Save Project As
      3. Do not create project sub directory. Do not include run results. Click OK.