Isolating PL Masters

Memory and Peripheral Protection Unit for PL Isolation in Zynq UltraScale+ Devices (XAPP1353)

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PL masters, such as MicroBlaze or AXI DMA, do not output a MasterID, nor do they utilize the AxUser side-channel. Therefore, such masters cannot be differentiated from each other on that basis. The following figure shows MicroBlaze processors that supports a Non_Secure operating mode.

Figure 1. Secure and Non_Secure MicroBlazes

The Non_Secure[0:3] inputs may be asserted by a constant in the IPI block design. Each of the four bits control the Security level (AxProt[1]) for each of the AXI master ports (M_AXI_DP,M_AXI_IP,M_AXI_DC,M_AXI_IC).

For the configuration above, it is recommended to disable the MasterID checks in the region configuration, Rxx_CONFIG[MidCheckDisable], and rely on the security level to differentiate between the processors.

Tip: Using security level controls on the PL master enables the capability of using NonSecure with Strict Check Type regions.
Figure 2. S_AXI_XMPU Isolated to Secure MicroBlaze

The previous figure shows an example of isolating the S_AXI_XMPU configuration port to the secure MicroBlaze. Additional protections are not required as only the secure MicroBlaze has a physical connection. Similarly, the designer can establish a path to any secure processor, in the PL or PS, of their choosing to configure and manage any XMPU_PL in the system.

Figure 3. MicroBlaze with Dedicated XMPU

The previous example exhibits that each and every MicroBlaze processor has a dedicated XMPU_PL. There is no need to differentiate between masters in this configuration.

Tip: If the run-time configuration access is not needed for system operation, the example in the previous figure could have alternatively been implemented with the AXI MMU IP which also provides address decoding, read and write access control, and is only statically configured.