Creating the Simple XMPU_PL (RPU) Example in Vitis 2021.1

Memory and Peripheral Protection Unit for PL Isolation in Zynq UltraScale+ Devices (XAPP1353)

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The previous isolation example utilized the platform management unit (PMU) to handle initialization, configuration, and error handling for the XMPU_PL module. Some applications such as safety critical, may have restrictions on modifying the PMU firmware. Thus, this example provides a simpler demonstration from a single application running in the RPU.

This example uses the same platform created in the previous example. If it does not already exist, follow the steps in Build the Isolation Test Platform in the Creating the Isolation Test SW Applications in Vitis 2021.1 section.

This example also uses the default boot components, FSBL and PMUFW, created within the platform project.