LPD MIO[21:22] Fan PWM

VPK120 Evaluation Board User Guide (UG1568)

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The ACAP PS bank 502 MIO21 (MIO21_FAN_PWM_VERSAL) is connected to J347 pin 3. When J347 is selected as 2-3 (see Jumpers for defaults), the ACAP is able to control the fan PWM speed. A controller application must be created to drive this logic. The ACAP PS bank 502 MIO22 (MIO22_FAN_TACH_VERSAL) is connected J348 pin 3. This signal is fed by a 2N7002 MOSFET (Q46), which is in turn connected to the 12V fan tachometer feedback. The 2N7002 is a N-Channel 60 V MOSFET. For more details, see Cooling Fan Connector.