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VPK120 Evaluation Board User Guide (UG1568)

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[Figure 1, callout 18]

The VPK120 evaluation board uses power management ICs (PMIC) and power regulators from Infineon Integrated Circuits to supply the core and auxiliary voltages listed in the following tables. The detailed ACAP connections for the feature described in this section are documented in the VPK120 board schematic, referenced in Xilinx Design Constraints.

Table 1. Power System - PMBus Regulators and INA226 Map
Rail Name Regulator Type Ref. Des. Vout (V) Iout (A) PMBUS Addr. I2C Addr. INA226 Ref. Des. INA226 I2C Addr.
VCC_INT IR35215 PMIC U152 0.80 120 0x46 0x16 U65 0x40 BUS1
VCC_SOC 0.80 14 U161 0x41 BUS1
VCC_PSFP IRPS5401 U160 0.88 2


0x17 U164 0x45 BUS1
VCCO_MIO 1.8 2 U172 0x45 BUS2
VCCAUX 1.5 4 U166 0x40 BUS2
VCC_PMC 0.88 0.5 U163 0x42 BUS1
VCC1V5 1.5 2 U264 0x43 BUS2



0.92 2



U177 0x4B BUS2
MGTVCCAUX 1.5 2 U176 0x48 BUS2
MGTAVCC 0.92 5 U265 0x42 BUS1
VCCAUX_PMC 1.5 0.5 U168 0x41 BUS2



1.8 2



U174 0x47 BUS2
UTIL_2V5 2.5 1 N/A N/A
VCC_PSLP_CPM5 0.88 7 U165 0x44 BUS1
LPDMGTYVCCAUX 1.5 0.5 U234 0x4D BUS2
LPDMGTYAVTT IR38060 U259 1.2 4 0x41 0x11 U260 0x4C BUS2
VCC_RAM_VCCINT_GT IR38164 U13 0.80 5 0x43 0x13 U5 0x43 BUS1
VADJ_FMC IR38164 U185 1.5 6 0x4E 0x1E U184 0x4A BUS2
VCC1V1_LP4 IR38164 U187 1.1 6 0x4F 0x1F U186 0x49 BUS2
MGTAVTT IR38164 U189 1.2 8 0x49 0x19 U188 0x46 BUS2
Note: Bus short names are decoded as:
  • I2C Address – PMBUS_SDA/SCL

See PMC MIO[46:47] I2C0 Bus for I2C diagrams and more details.

Table 2. Power System – Non-PMBus Regulators
Rail Name Regulator Type Ref. Des. Vout (V) Iout (A)
UTIL_1V8 IR3889 U261 1.8 4
UTIL_3V3 IR3889 U190 3.3 18
UTIL_5V0 IR3889 U191 5 5
SYS_VCC0V85 TPS62480RNCR U143 0.85 5
SYS_VCC1V8 TPS62097RWKR U144 1.8 1
SYS_VCC1V2 TPS62097RWKR U147 1.2 1
SYS_VCC1V1 TPS7A8300ARGR U145 1.1 1
8A34001_VCC_GPIO_DC LP38798SD-ADJ/NOPB U223 3.3 0.8
8A34001_VDDA LP38798SD-ADJ/NOPB U225 3.3 0.8
8A34001_VDDO_Q1_10_7 LP38798SD-ADJ/NOPB U226 3.3 0.8
8A34001_VDD_CLK0 LP38798SD-ADJ/NOPB U227 3.3 0.8
8A34001_VDDO_Q0_9_6 LP38798SD-ADJ/NOPB U228 3.3 0.8
8A34001_VDD_CLK1 LP38798SD-ADJ/NOPB U229 3.3 0.8
8A34001_VDDO_Q4_11 LP38798SD-ADJ/NOPB U230 3.3 0.8
8A34001_VDDO_Q8_3_5 LP38798SD-ADJ/NOPB U236 3.3 0.8
8A34001_VDD_FOD LP38798SD-ADJ/NOPB U231 1.8 0.8
8A34001_VDDD LP38798SD-ADJ/NOPB U232 1.8 0.8

More information about the power system regulator components can be found at the Infineon Integrated Circuits website.

The FMCP HSPC (J51) VADJ pins are wired to the programmable rail VADJ_FMC. The VADJ_FMC rail is programmed to 1.50V by default. The VADJ_FMC rail also powers the XCVC1202 FMCP interface banks 709 and 710 (see the table in I/O Voltage Rails). Documentation describing PMBus programming for the Infineon power controllers is available on the Infineon Integrated Circuits website. The PCB layout and power system design meet the recommended criteria described in the Versal ACAP PCB Design User Guide (UG863).