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Vitis Tutorials: Vitis Platform Creation

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2024.1 English

With Vitis environment setup, the platforminfo tool can report XPFM platform information.

You can verify hardware configuration (clocks, memory) and software configuration (domain) are set as expected.

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#  go to the  XPFM file directory
cd WorkSpace/custom_platform/export/custom_platform/
# Report Platform Info
platforminfo custom_platform.xpfm
Basic Platform Information
Platform:           custom_platform
File:               /WorkSpace/custom_platform/export/custom_platform/custom_platform.xpfm

Hardware Platform (Shell) Information
Board:                            extensible_platform_base
Name:                             extensible_platform_base
Version:                          1.0
Generated Version:                2023.2
Hardware:                         1
Software Emulation:               1
Hardware Emulation:               1
Hardware Emulation Platform:      0
FPGA Family:                      versal
FPGA Device:                      xcvc1902
Board Vendor:                     
Board Name:                       
Board Part:                       

Clock Information
Default Clock Index: 0
Clock Index:         0
   Frequency:         156.250000

Memory Information
Bus SP Tag: DDR

Software Platform Information
Number of Runtimes:            1
Default System Configuration:  custom_platform
System Configurations:
System Config Name:                      custom_platform
System Config Description:               
System Config Default Processor Group:   aie
System Config Default Boot Image:        standard
System Config Is QEMU Supported:         1
System Config Processor Groups:
   Processor Group Name:      linux_psu_cortexa72
   Processor Group CPU Type:  psu_cortexa72
   Processor Group OS Name:   xrt
   Processor Group Name:      aie
   Processor Group CPU Type:  ai_engine
   Processor Group OS Name:   aie
System Config Boot Images:
   Boot Image Name:           standard
   Boot Image Type:           
   Boot Image BIF:            boot/linux.bif
   Boot Image Data:           linux_psu_cortexa72/image
   Boot Image Boot Mode:      
   Boot Image RootFileSystem: 
   Boot Image Mount Path:     
   Boot Image Read Me:        
   Boot Image QEMU Args:      qemu/pmc_args.txt:qemu/qemu_args.txt
   Boot Image QEMU Boot:      
   Boot Image QEMU Dev Tree:  
   Supported Runtimes:
Runtime: C/C++