Fast Track for Vector Addition - 2024.1 English

Vitis Tutorials: Vitis Platform Creation

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2024.1 English

Scripts are provided to create the test applications on the custom platform we created. To use these scripts, please run the following steps.

  1. Run build

    # cd to the step directory, e.g.
    cd step3_validate
    make all

    The default verification uses hardware emulation. To verify vadd application on hardware board, run the following command to generate the SD card image.

    cd step3_validate
    make sd_card
  2. To clean the generated files, run the following commands:

    make clean

The command line flow has slight differences comparing to Vitis IDE flow.

The vector addition application is called vadd and binary_container_1.xclbin in the Vitis IDE flow. The generated files in command line flow are called simple_vadd and krnl_vadd.xclbin.