Generate the Base Device Tree from the Static XSA - 2024.1 English

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2024.1 English
createdts -hw <static XSA> \
    -out . \
    -platform-name vck190_custom_dt \
    -git-branch xlnx_rel_v2023.2 \
    -dtsi system-user.dtsi \
    -board versal-vck190-reva-x-ebm-01-reva \

The generated device tree files are located in build/vck190_custom_dt/psv_cortexa72_0/device_tree_domain/bsp path. You can find the system.dtb file in step2_sw/build/vck190_custom_dt/psv_cortexa72_0/device_tree_domain/bsp/ directory.

NOTE: Device tree knowledge is a common know-how. Please refer to AMD Device tree WIKI page or Device Tree WIKI page for more information if you are not familiar with it.