Custom Kria SOM Platform Creation Example - 2024.1 English

Vitis Tutorials: Platform Creation (XD101)

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2024.1 English

Version: Vitis 2024.1

The AMD Kria™ KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit is the development platform for Kria K26 SOM. The KV260 is built for advanced vision application development without requiring complex hardware design knowledge. It is based on the AMD UltraScale+™ MPSoC technology similar to ZCU104 evaluation board. In this example, you will extend the ZCU104 custom embedded platform creation example to KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit.

To highlight the differences between KV260 and ZCU104, this example will simplify the descriptions of general steps that are shared between all MPSoC platforms, but add more KV260 specific contents. If you have question in some steps, cross reference ZCU104 custom embedded platform creation example, or ask questions in Github Issues page.

For your reference, The structure of this example system is shown in the following figure..

3PLHardwareSoftwareARM Trusted FirmwareAXI interruptDPU……EthernetEMMCUARTSDUSBDPHDMIButtonLEDSWITCHGPIO DriverZOL/XRT DriverInterrupt DriverUSB DriverSD DriverI2C DriverEthernet DriverQSPI DriverDDR Driver XRTVector AdditionAPP ClockgeneratorUserKernelSTEP3STEP2STEP1ARM resourcesPL resourcesData & control stream KV260DDR4DPU is kernel added and linked by V++ in step3. Bottom left below the application is the platform created in step1 and step2.SOM K26A53*4R5F*2QSPI